Money Trans. Laws & Regulatory Guidance

Note: The most current version of Kansas statutory law is available in the Kansas Statutes Annotated and the Kansas Session Laws.

Money Transmitter Laws

Kansas Money Transmitter Act PDF Icon

Guidance Documents

MT 2014-01 Virtual Currency PDF Icon

MT 2016-01 Agent-of-the-Payee PDF Icon

MT 2019-01 Cash In Transit PDF Icon

Instructions for Submitting a Request for an Agent-of-the-Payee Exemption

Helpful Information for Money Services Businesses

For laws, regulations, and guidance regarding money services businesses, visit FinCEN's website for MSBs

For information regarding the regulation of money services businesses by the states, visit the Money Transmitter Regulator's Association (MTRA) website

For information regarding Virtual Currencies, see the Model State Consumer and Investor Guidance on Virtual Currency PDF Icon - Issued by the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) April 23, 2014