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Application Activity Summaries available here.

About the Application Process

Kansas banking statutes and regulations require approval from the Commissioner or the Kansas State Banking Board prior to banks and trust companies conducting certain transactions. Statutes, regulations and policies also set out application procedures and information to be included in applications, and criteria to be considered in determining whether an application is approved or denied. Applications are reviewed to determine compliance with applicable statutes and regulations; the affect the proposed transaction will have on the operation and condition of the institution; and how the transaction will affect Kansas consumers. The time frame required to process an application depends on the type as well as the complexity of the transaction.

A filing fee is required for most applications. The amount of the fee is set by K.S.A. 9-1726 and is also detailed within the application form.

All applications, subject to limitations imposed by federal or state statutes, are available to members of the public. The Kansas Open Records Act (K.S.A. 45-215 et seq.) exempts from public disclosure "records the disclosure of which is specifically prohibited or restricted by federal law, state statute or rule of the Kansas Supreme Court..." Information exempt from public disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. 552) is also exempt from disclosure under the Kansas Open Records Act. Information for which confidential treatment is requested should be separately bound, and labeled "Confidential".

Notice of certain applications filed with the OSBC is to be published in local/area newspapers. Links to sample forms are available below.

Contact with the bank's federal regulator should also be made to determine applicable procedures.

Links to application forms are provided below.

Application Forms

New Bank Branch or Relocation of a Main Office or Existing Branch Office – this form should be used for the following applications:

  • New Branch, In State
  • New Branch, Out of State
  • Relocate an Existing Branch
  • Relocate a Main Office
  • Relocate a Main Office and Retain Existing Office as a Branch
  • Interchange of Main Office and Branch Office
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New Trust Service Office or Relocation of a Main Office or Existing Trust Service Office – this form should be used for the following applications: