OSBC Awards Grants for Financial Education

2020 Grant Award Photo 2020 Grant Award Photo - HCCI

DECEMBER 2019 - The OSBC's mission includes protecting and educating Kansas consumers. Each year, funds are provided to organizations that provide financial literacy and/or money management skills to Kansas consumers. Qualifying applicants submit an application to be considered. The grant process is competitive and recipients must provide measurable results. Consumer education funds come from fines or settlements reached with companies within the jurisdiction of our Consumer and Mortgage Lending Division. In essence, our office is able to add a positive spin to violations of the law or settlements. Neither bank assessments, nor taxpayer monies, are used for these grants. This year the OSBC was able to award a total of $90,000 to five organizations.

A check ceremony was held in Topeka on December 9, 2019 to award funds to Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc. and a check ceremony was held in Wichita on December 12, 2019 to award funds to Consumer Credit Counseling Service, Inc., Kansas Council on Economic Education, and The Pando Initiative.

Click here for more information about these agencies and the financial literacy programs sponsored by the OSBC.